Palliser Cattle Oilers
Full Conversion of Blue Pump & Wick Oiler to The Palliser Cattle Oiler
The full conversion allows the cattleman to convert the blue pump and wick oiler to the rope cattle oiler and still use the stand of the blue oiler. In many cases the stands are straight and in good order.

This conversion is done by removing the square beam which holds the pump on the top of the tank. The square beam is replaced by a bolt-on bracket which holds the tank and valves of the rope oiler. Once the bracket is in place, the tank and valves are installed on this bracket. Since the rope is longer than the wick that has been removed, an extension pipe is added to the long pipe on the blue oiler to accommodate the longer rope and then the longer rope is installed from the bracket down to the extended pipe. The oiler then functions as a rope oiler on a blue oiler stand.