Palliser Cattle Oilers

Half Conversion of Blue Pump & Wick Oiler to the Palliser Cattle Oiler

The half conversion of the blue pump and wick oiler provides the advantages to the cattleman of the rope delivering the oil that is pumped by the pump onto the outside of the rope as the cattle rub instead of the oil being pumped inside the wick. The reason the rope is a superior method of delivering the oil is that the cattle rub on the outside of the oiler and not the inside and the spiral design of the rope delivers the oil to where the cattle are rubbing. In contrast the wick must have the oil pumped into it and then the oil must make its way out through the cover, however most of the oil flows right through the wick and out on to the ground.

The half conversion allows the producer to remove the wick and install the rope conversion kit and continue to use the pump on the blue oiler. The half conversion kit means that the blue pump and wick oiler has been half converted over to a rope oiler with valves. If the producer wishes to carry on with the full conversion, almost all of the parts used on the half conversion can become part of the full conversion. .