Palliser Cattle Oilers
The following are testimonials from our satisfied customers:
Bryan Harbers, Monarch, AB  
Our operation has used rope oilers for about 8 years. We find the cattle show product on their backs better and seem to use the oiler more frequently than the wick oilers we have used.

Several of our wick oilers with pumps have been converted to the rope. Maintenance requirements have dropped dramatically. We have spent in the area of $300.00 per servicing on pump and wick oilers as a rule. The rope oilers have virtually no maintenance costs on a regular basis.

Mike Wurz, Butte Colony, Bracken SK  
As the cattle boss of the Butte Colony, Bracken, SK, I have used rope oilers , pump & wick oilers, and I much prefer the rope oiler. The cows use the oiler more, have less flies on the cattle, and the rope oilers are maintenance free. Very satisfied with them.
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