Palliser Cattle Oilers
The following are testimonials from our satisfied customers:
Robert Hilderman, Manning, AB  
We run a community pasture in the Manning area. In 1996 we had a lot of rain and the cattle spent a lot of time in the bush on dirt piles all crowded up fighting flies. In 1997 we put out oilers and found them to work very satisfactorily for us. The cattle were more content and were easier to check that they used a fair amount of chemical. Our bulls really used the oilers and sure benifited from the oilers. Our pinkeye was also cut back when we used oilers.
Jonathan Tschetter, Birch Hills Colony Wanham, AB  
As the cattle boss of the Birch Hills Colony in the Peace Country of Alberta, I have used a rope oiler for 5 years. I am really impressed. The cows in the pasture were there is a rope oiler have no flies on them, the cows in the other pasture are loaded with flies. The rope oilers are very low maintenance. We fill them twice a summer. I decided to purchase a 2nd oiler in the summer of 2004. I am very satisfied and recommend the Palliser Cattle Oiler.
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